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Wrist Curls for Grip Strength

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There are a variety of training tools for working the grip and many are great. However, it is tough to top the simple wrist curl for building up the grip and all the gripping muscles because with the wrist curl you can apply progressive loads. Incrementally increasing the workload has always been the hallmark of weight training and it has not been surpassed to date. The wrist curl lets you take advantage of this progressive training capability.

Wrist curls are performed by grabbing a barbell or a pair of dumbbells with a narrow hand placement and supporting your arms on a bench. Lower the weight down, then bring it back up solely on the power of your hand and forearm movement.

You can use either an undergrip or an overgrip (palms facing up or facing down) and ideally you should do both types of movements. Perform a few sets with your hands facing up, and a few with your hands facing down.

Use a higher repetition range (15 to 25 reps) for each set. Your forearms are dense, powerful muscles and your hands are built for long stretches of use, so train them that way. Also, alternate the pace of your curls. Perform some sets with fast, explosive action, and some sets with a slower pace.

The wrist curl itself is performed by lowering the weight in your hand as low as it can go while still being able to retain control of the weight. From here you curl it back up with wrist, hand and forearm involvement, but nothing more. Use the bench as a base to keep any other muscle group from getting involved.

Perform your wrist curls a couple of times a week, with 4-5 sets per session. Start with a moderate weight load but add more when you can fly through the workout.

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