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Reverse Wrist Curl Exercise

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The reverse wrist curl can be done with a dumbbell or a barbell in order to strengthen the wrist extensors. It is a small movement that can have a dramatic effect on your grip strength as well as your strength when curling which will directly improve upper body strength.

Start the movement by taking a barbell using an overhand grip while resting your forearms on your thighs with wrists hanging over your knees. You then raise barbell with the knuckles pointing upward as high as they can go.

You then return to the starting position by pointing your knuckles as far downward as possible and then repeat. Always try to keep your elbows at the same height as your knuckles. If you do this it will maintain the resistance all the way through the full range of motion.

Doing the reverse wrist curl with a dumbbell means you are working one wrist at a time. The movement is the same as you place the dumbbell with an overhand grip and knuckles pointing upwards with the forearm resting on your thigh and the wrist you are working just beyond the knee.

Just like you do reverse grip curls with a barbell you would then lift the knuckles to point as high upwards as possible. You then return to the starting position by pointing your knuckles as far down as possible so that full range of motion is achieved.

One can use your other hand under the working wrist in order to increase stability which will help to keep the forearm in a horizontal position. Make sure that the weight is not too heavy as this will only decrease the range of motion but will not increase the strength you develop when only training mid-range.

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