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Reverse Barbell Curls Workout

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If you never do reverse barbell curls because you think it is a waste of time then you need to read this article. Reverse curls will work directly on your bachialis muscle on the lower part of the upper arm.

A well-developed bachialis muscle will work wonders in peaking your biceps as well as improving your double bicep flex making your arms look bigger. Reverse curls can be done on an EZ bar or a regular barbell but one could just as easily work reverse curls with an Olympic bar.

The first step is to select a weight that is a lot less than you would use doing a regular underhand curl. As with every movement you do form is everything so rather select a weight that is too light. Using an overhand grip the reverse curl is done the same way as a curl but the grip is overhand and not underhand.

Holding the barbell shoulder width apart with hands on top (pronated) of the bar and not underneath the bar as you would do a regular curl. If using an EZ bar you would grip it overhand (pronated) on the downward sloping part of the EZ bar.

Keeping your elbows tucked in with knees slightly bent (soft knees) you then curl the bar towards your chest. The pronated grip will engage the bachialis muscle directly as you move the weight. You should feel the tension on your forearms and feel a completely different rush of blood than you would when doing a regular curl.

If you tuck your elbows in you will be able to increase the contraction on the brachialis. It is a good idea to try to imagine rotating the arms inward as the bar curls upwards. It is also a good idea to allow your wrists to flex backwards when you get to the top of the curl.

When doing the reverse curl with an EZ bar never grip the bar with your thumbs at the top of the sloping bar but rather at the bottom of the slope found on the EZ bar. This will eliminate the bracing effect and put a lot more tension on the targeted bachialis muscle.

It is always a good idea to do reverse curls directly after a bicep workout when your arms are already pre-exhausted so that you can shock them into growth with just 2 or 3 sets done at the end of a tough bicep workout. Never move your elbows as the weight curls upwards.

Form is everything when doing a reverse curl so you need to always make sure your elbows don't move are always kept tightly tucked into your sides against your body. You should stand straight up with soft knees and without rocking the weight forward or back.

Never use momentum to raise or lower the bar and donít swing your elbows out wide when you bend your arms in order to raise the weight. When you use momentum swinging your elbows either up or down you will not be isolating your bachialis.

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