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Pinch Grip Training Routine

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Not many people do grip strength training on a regular basis, but it certainly is something that will help you increase your core strength in the long run. Doing movements like pull-ups or deadlifts will obviously help you increase grip strength over time, but one can help increase the strength of your grip by doing exercises that help the process.

Although very few studies have been done on grip strength, the studies that have been done clearly indicate a direct relationship between upper body strength and grip strength. Basically there are four flexor muscles involved with grip strength.

These four primary flexors that are directly involved in gripping anything are digitorum profundus, the digitorum superficialis, the digiti minimi brevis and the pollicis longus. There is one extensor muscle called the digitorum and three other intrinsic muscles called lumbricals, interossei and the adducttor pollicis in the hand.

If you strengthen these muscles it will not only make a big difference to your upper body strength but will help prevent a host of injuries common in many sports. There are many types of grip strength but here we are specifically talking about the pinch grip strength.

The pinch grip is specifically the grip between the fingers and thumb. Although there are a number of pinch grip movements that you can do we will list a couple of movements that can easily be done at any reasonably equipped gym.

For example plate pinches which are preferably done using a weighted plate that is smooth on both sides, or at least one side. If your gym has plates that are smooth on both sides you could pick up the plate with your fingers and thumb and stand or walk for as long as you can without dropping the plate.

Obviously one could use more than one plate as your pinch grip starts to get stronger. Other pinch grip movements would be putting a towel on a chinning bar and gripping the bar with only fingers and thumbs and trying to hang for as long as you can without dropping.

When you get stronger in your pinch grip you could even try and pull yourself up to do a chin-up without using your palms on the chin-up bar. Another pinch movement would be holding two dumbbells by the weights on one end and not the handle.

If you can stand holding two dumbbells by their weights it would be similar to the farmers walk but you are not using your palms. Try to stand holding the dumbbells by the weighted ends as long as you can. When you feel stronger at this movement you could then walk around the gym holding the dumbbells just like you would do with the farmers walk.

The last pinch grip movement that directly stresses the fingers and the thumbs is called the plate curl. Simply grab a plate from the squat rack in each hand and holding each plate with your thumbs on top and four fingers underneath the plate.

You then simply curl both plates just like you would curl a barbell or dumbbells. Obviously one needs to be sensible with the weighted plate that you select as this is a tough movement. The weight is literally only being held up by your fingers underneath the plate.

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