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Measure Grip Strength

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Although there are many different and sometimes complicated ways of measuring grip strength studies done use basically two methods. The first is the standard dynamometer which is an industry accepted standard for measuring grip strength.

The second is an innovative approach using what is called a pinch gauge which is a simple process of measuring your pinch grip strength rather than your overall general grip strength. There have been countless studies done using these techniques trying to isolate the age and disease related causes of loss of grip strength.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to give funds for these vital studies related to their research and development of Arthritic and Rheumatoid medications that affect so many people all over the world. The research has now proven conclusively that there is a decline is grip strength as we get older.

In a study that was done on grip strength with over 500 volunteers they showed that the highest grip strength scores occurred in the 25 to 39 age groups. There was some addition information acquired as the study used the pinch gauge measurement as well.

The same study showed that for tip, key, and palmar pinch the average scores were relatively stable from 20 to 59 years, with a gradual decline from 60 to 79 years. This might sound very predictable but the point is that it turned into valuable information to be used in diagnoses.

The most obvious way that one can increase your grip strength is by doing weight training which is something that for obvious reasons will increase the strength of your grip. Although most of your grip strength comes from the strength of the connective tissue it is the connection where the muscle meets your tendon that is so vital.

As with any progressive resistance exercise your body adapts to the stress that you give it by increasing the strength and thickness of your connective tissue, your muscles as well as your bones. A study done showed that bone density in bodybuilders can increase by training with weights.

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