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Increasing Grip Strength

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There are two attitudes that one can take when looking at increasing grip strength. The first is to consider it completely unnecessary as you will be getting stronger as you lift heavier weights when training. The second attitude that you can take is to get a stronger grip first.

It is like saying which came first, the chicken or the egg as getting a stronger grip will certainly increase your ability to lift a heavier weight. But the point is that you need to monitor the reason why you fail when you are doing an upper body movement.

For example when doing a deadlift or shrugs or any back exercise you need to know why you start to fail and where you start to fail. If you feel that your failure is because you simply cannot hold the weight anymore then increasing your grip strength can make a big difference.

If you are training with weights on a regular basis then you need to be aware of the most important factor of training which is your recovery time. When training specifically to increase your grip strength then you need to not train too often and only do the grip strength exercises three times a week.

Variation is the key to increasing your grip strength and that means doing a wide variety of different movements. From the good old classic farmers walk to using a pinch lift to hold a sledge hammer there are countless variations that you can choose from.

Pinch movements are a vitally important part of training to improve your grip strength. Just as supportive movement or exercises is something like just hanging from a chinning bar until you cannot hold on anymore. These all play an important role in developing the connective tissue strength in your hands and forearms.

Another idea is to exercise the muscles that are involved it opening the hand to keep the muscle development balanced. Try using a small diameter, heavy duty rubber band, place it over your finger-tips. Just spread your fingers as far as you can, if it is too easy use two rubber bands or more. Do reps and static hold for time.

As far as strength grippers are concerned you can get easy ones at a toy store but if you want something serious that is very tough to close a product called "Captains of Crush grippers" offers many different strengths to choose from. You could even use them to do negatives on your hands.

You will get fast results by doing this and getting a strong difficult to squeeze gripper and then use your other hand to close the gripper and try and hold it closed for as long as possible. The point is that you need to always try to vary your strength grip training to always improve your grip strength.

Click Here For Grip Strength Training Secrets


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