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How To Increase Your Bench Press

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Although most people think that the more weight you can bench-press the stronger you are, this is simply not true, however it is still a good way to measure upper body strength. If your objective is to increase you bench-press lift then you need to start out by working out what your 1 Rep max is which can be done for free using the bench-press calculator.

Once you have a basic idea of what your 1RM is then you need to work out where you are failing on your bench-press. For example if you fail when you are getting to the end of the press and cannot lock out then the problem is your triceps.

This can be solved by doing heavy close-grip bench-press or skull-crushers and not working with cables which will not get you stronger. If you fail when you start your bench-press then the problem is in your pecs so you need to concentrate on doing heavy dumbbell presses and flys.

But the variations are endless as you could do push-ups until you fail immediately after doing a bench-press or doing drop sets and super-setting. Basically you need to get out of a comfort zone that you may be training in and shock your pecs into growth.

Always be aware of the potential to over train and training your chest more than twice a week is something that will only lose that hard earned muscle that you have gained. Eating correctly and getting 8 hours of sleep is vital if you want to grow muscle so always keep this in mind when training hard.

You will be 1.5 times stronger on an eccentric contraction compared to a concentric contraction. These are known in the bodybuilding world as negatives where you could ask a friend to help you lift the weight back up after you have slowly lowered the weight down to your chest.

The experts agree that if you want to increase the weight that you bench-press that you should never train chest and triceps on the same day. Allocating a full training day to arms and forearms is a good way to start breaking through a plateau that you might find yourself.

In conclusion you should also consider taking a week off training completely when reaching that dreaded plateau. Your muscles could be fatigued and simply doing a light weight full body workout three times a week or taking a full 7 days off might be the answer.

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