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How to Improve Grip Strength

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It goes without saying that doing any weight training exercise on a regular basis is going to increase your grip strength dramatically. But if you would like to increase your grip strength because you feel that it is your grip that is failing you when lift a weight then you can use specific exercises to improve your grip strength.

It is important to note that when starting off with grip strength training that you should consider it as just another body-part that you are training. That means that you should not train it to failure when starting out and only train your hand grip and forearms 3 or 4 times a week.

Sometimes the weakness of your grip is directly related to the weakness of your fingers as the connective tissue is directly connected. This means that increasing the strength of your fingers can make a huge difference. Doing pinch grip exercises three times a week could make a big difference.

Pinch-grip exercises will obviously be working your forearms as well and can be done by pinching a heavy plate and holding it as long as possible. You could also hand from a chin-up bar using your fingers only for as long as possible but these are only a few examples.

Using leverage is another way to increase your grip strength which you could do by holding a dumbbell with your elbows locked out and lifting it up level with your chest. To increase this resistance you could change the grip angle by lifting a sledge hammer or something similar.

There are countless variations that could and should be used. The reason why you should always use different variations when doing grip strength training is because of the variations will fir different neurotransmitters. The increase in hand grip strength just like any other muscle is directly proportional to amount of neuromuscular pathways that you have going there.

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