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Hand Gripper Workout

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One of the best tools for directly building up your hand and forearm muscles and the power of your grip is the hand gripper apparatus. This tool is a rod of bent metal with rubber hand grips on each end. There are several variations of the hand gripper and most of them sell for a minimal price so you may want to buy a couple of them.

The hand gripper is handy because you can do it just about anywhere. You can perform it while you sit watching a show, or even at work.

The hand gripper is performed by closing the grip, making each side touch to the other by closing your hand around the gripper. The hand and forearm muscles contract to bring the gripper handles together in a crushing motion.

You can perform the hand gripper movement fast or slow. You can burn through a lot of reps, or go slower and bring a different type of motion. Ideally it is best to alternate between fast and slow crushing action on the gripper.

As with a weight workout, you can perform sets and reps with a hand gripper. The only difference is that both can be much higher. Use a much higher repetition range, and perform more sets, than you would with a standard weight training approach. For instance, you may want to perform anywhere from 20 to 50 repetitions per set, and perform 5-10 sets in a workout.

You can also perform a few hand gripper workouts per day. Since they are mobile, you can take them with you anywhere and work your forearms and grip at most any time. This enables you to get in several hand grip workouts in a single day.

Allow a day off between hand grip workouts, particularly if you are giving the grip a high amount of stimulation when you do work out. Perform the gripper movement every other day during the week.

Hand grippers often come in different strength ranges, so be aware that some grippers are tougher to close than others, and when you master yours, consider moving up to an ultra powerful gripping tool.

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