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Grip Strength Workout

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When designing your own grip strength workout you need to keep two things in mind. The first is to be careful not to do an intense grip strength workout without giving yourself at least 48 hours rest before you hit your grip and forearms again. The second is to select the best grip strength exercises that work best for you. The choices that you have are first pinching which can be a wide range of things ranging from weight plates you find in a gym to the sledge hammer you find in your garage.

The second is crushing also called "grip" which is basically trying to crush a soda can, or shaking hands. The pressure of this grip is mainly on the palm and fingers. This kind of thing is usually not done as part of your regular grip strength training however.

The third and final grip type is the most commonly used and is called the supportive grip or holding grip exercise. It is when you hold onto something, and an example is a tennis racket. Finger, forearm, and palm muscles are used in supporting. Any good grip-training program will strengthen all three of these grips by focusing on the fingers and forearms. By only focusing on one type of grip you may be at risk for certain health problems to occur. Even if you only need one type of grip strength, you should still train the other types.

Grip training is best trained by going "to failure", or when you cannot continue the exercise. Training grip should be like training calves which you would do with high intensity. This is because both your wrist and calf muscles are used very often in holding and walking, respectably.

Training with low intensity is a waste of time and is like trying to put out a fire with oil. This makes it different from forearm training, which is for pure hypertrophy, even though grip training will result in some hypertrophy. You are obviously very aware that doing any upper body exercise will be increasing your grip strength.

Your grip strength will already by trained by doing exercises such as curls, shrugs and deadlifts. But a lot of the time, your grip strength will not progress as quickly as the rest of your body. That's when you add in the grip-specific training. It is also beneficial even if you are not working out seriously, and would just like to improve grip.

So here is what your grip strength workout will look like.

Warm Up:

Warm up with wrist curls and hand rotations. No weight is required.

Crushing Strength:

Use apparatus such as a gripper or a stress ball. A trusted and recommended brand of grippers is the Captains of Crush grippers.

Pinching Strength:

Some exercises for this include picking up weight plates with your thumb and fingers, and doing wrist curls. Supporting Strength:

Flexed-arm hangs and farmers walks are great for this. Flexed-arm hangs require a pull-up bar, and you basically do a chin-up, but keep your chin above the bar. Farmers walks are the most popular, and you do it by holding two dumbbells on your sides, and walk. You might think is a leg exercise, but your grip will give out faster than you think.

General Forearm Strength:

You can do wrist curls, behind-the-back curls, and reverse grip curls.

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