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The Importance of Grip Strength

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One of the simplest things any bodybuilder can do to increase their general functional strength is improving their grip strength. Getting pumped definitely involves heavy lifting and a stronger grip enables a bodybuilder to lift heavy weights with minimal strain on the wrists.

If you ask a power-lifter, they will tell you that without a strong grip they wouldnít be able to lift the barbells off the floor. This isnít to mention that heavy weights need thicker bars. As such, a weak grip will render you unable to control the movement of such weights. They will sway back and forth or sideways.

Constantly adjusting these movements reduces the efficiency of your workouts. In bodybuilding, maintaining proper rep form is key to meaningful gains and this cannot happen without a strong grip. A good example of this is supinated triceps curls done with the E-Z bar. The shape of the E-Z bar is effective because it allows proper arm positioning. A bodybuilder with a weak grip will have problems using this bar.

Additionally, you canít properly train the most important part of your body, the core and back. Workouts like deadlifts and back rows will be very challenging. The basic mechanics of your arms requires a good grip.

For instance, try squeezing your hand as hard as you can in an outstretched position. You will notice that the forearms, triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles all contract. Therefore, the effectiveness of all workouts involving your arms relies a lot on a stronger grip. Moreover, building your grip strength helps to avoid injuries that can derail bodybuilding progress such as wrist and elbow injuries.

The main way of improving grip strength basically involves training the forearms. The forearms are often an overlooked body part for many bodybuilders and their importance cannot be further emphasized. There are three key areas to look at when training the forearms. These are the static hand grip strength, static pincer grip strength and concentric hand strength.

Static Grip

Static hand grip strength is increased by isometric exercises whereby the entire hand is use to apply force when gripping objects. An effective exercise for this involves a modified weight. Thread a chain through a short steel pipe and pass either ends of the chain through the hole of a weight disk. You can now lift the disk by the steel pipe from a standing position for a set length of time.

Concentric Grip

Concentric grip strength is the most important where the whole hand is used to apply force in a crushing way. Improving this grip strength requires hand grippers. There are many types of hand grippers coming in various tensions. The rule of the thumb for grippers is that if you can complete about 15 reps where the handles touch, you can move to the next resistance level.

Another effective exercise for forearm strength is the wrist flexion and extension. It involves placing your wrists on a bench or on your bent knees while holding an appropriate weight. This can be a dumbbell or barbell. As your arms hang freely, straighten your wrists bringing the weight up and completing the repetition.

The good thing about grip exercises is that they can be conducted with everyday items. For example wrist abduction where you hold one end of a very long pole and try to keep it level. It is important to remember that any workout involving the use of the forearms will improve your grip strength.

Author Bio

Kevin Hodges is by no means a professional bodybuilder with his earlier years being spent building a career in IT.However his passion has always been fitness, building muscle and overall health.His goal or driving force is to help as many people as possible to better themselves by being healthier and fitter.Whether it be by blogging or physically advising and coaching people, there is also way to help.

Visit his website Crazy Gain and see if thereís something there that you could use to improve or better your results!

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