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How To Get Bigger Arms

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If you ask any man in the street if he would like bigger arms on him he would say yes, which means wanting bigger super-hero type arms will never go out of style. Men quite rightly assume that having bigger arms will always get them respect from other men and admiration from the ladies.

The problem is that every "guru" who seems to know what they are saying will tell you a different solution to getting bigger arms. Some experts will tell you that you actually never have to train arms directly as you are getting plenty of stress from chin-ups and bench-press.

So let's get down to the basics, as when we are talking about training arms there are basically only four questions that need to be answered correctly. They are how many sets and reps to do, how often and what exercises need to be done to get the results that you are looking for.

The first thing you need to do when your objective is to get bigger arms is to change your training routine so that your arms are given their own day of training. If the professional bodybuilders can agree on one thing it is that you need to train biceps, triceps and forearms on their own training day.

There is now overwhelming evidence that this is correct simply because doing biceps after your back workout is like an afterthought as your results will go mainly to your first targeted muscle, and not the fatigued muscle. When you train your arms first on your arm day your glycogen stores will be full and provide you with a more intense arm workout that will get you better gains.

If the gym that you train at has Fat Gripz or a thicker bar like an Olympic bar then you should definitely use a thicker bar for training arms. Most gyms will not have Fat Gripz but if your objective is bigger arms you should seriously consider purchasing them yourself, or just wrap a towel around each dumbbell to make the grip bigger.

Thicker dumbbell and barbell grips have been around for decades simply cos it is a well-proven method to develop forearm strength and size. Stronger forearms will give you more gripping power which will allow you to lift bigger weights when training biceps and triceps resulting in size.

Instead of training your forearms specifically to reach a point of failure it is a much better idea to just use thicker grips or a thicker bar on both dumbbells and well as barbells, or simply purchase some Fat Gripz. The most important aspect of training for bigger arms besides a thicker grip is the pump.

When training for size you need to train for the pump because without getting that serious pump when you train arms you will never get the results that are possible. The pump brings in the blood and the required nutrients that are so vital for effective growth in the size and strength of muscle.

The pump has a secondary stretching effect on the fascia which is like a very tight sheath surrounding the muscle. In some people it has even been found that this sheath can even restrict the growth of muscle which is why the increased blood volume you get from the pump is so important.

It is recommended by the experts that one should even try to stretch your arms when they are fully pumped so that you can increase the potential for growth. So now that we know why and how to train arms lets quickly talk about doing a good arm training routine to get results fast.

The rep range that you should use when training your arms on your arm day should be between 8 to 15 reps on each set. But if you are looking for a pump then intensity is everything so you want to rest less than 60 seconds between sets, never doing less than 10 sets.

Correct form is everything when doing isolated movements for biceps and triceps as an injury to your elbow which is taking all the stress will just get you to lose all your gains from the rest required. Below is a recommended program that you should train twice a week for about 6 weeks to see guaranteed results.

Incline dumbbell curls with Fat Gripz or a thick bar 6 sets x12 reps with 30 seconds rest max.

Triceps cable press down 6 sets of 12 reps with 30 seconds rest max.

Here is another alternative that you can do as well but the options are endless and you should select something that you think works best for you.

Standing alternate dumbbell curls using Fat Gripz or a thick bar 6 sets of 12 reps with 30 seconds rest max.

Lying skull crushers (AKA triceps extensions with an EZ bar) 6 sets of 12 reps with 30 seconds rest max.

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