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Finger Grip Strength

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There is a very good reason why you need to think of your fingers individually when trying to increase your grip strength. Each finger of the hand is powered by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons located in the hand, wrist, and forearm.

Most of the hand's power is generated by larger muscles in the forearm while finer movements are controlled by smaller muscles in the hand itself. Our wrist is the bridge which stabilizes the interaction of the hand & forearm. Obviously these all operate together without our specifically thinking about it.

The ability to control the ball or control the bat, racquet, or club all starts with the hands. Your hand is really five separate systems which work in seamless unity. The only way to develop superior strength, endurance, and coordination in your hands is to challenge and develop each finger individually.

There are some products available on the market that have specifically been developed to get results by training each finger individually and been able to progressively increase the resistance to each finger. Although there are certain levels at which you need to start depending on your genetic hand grip strength that you are born with.

Probably the best example is the GripMaster which has various models that have released that you can increase the strength of each finger. Developing the strength of each finger individually will obviously have a marked difference on your general power of your grip overall.

One of the important parameters that medical science examines when diagnosing the grip strength of an individual is by measuring the pinch gripping ability of a person. The reason is simply because when you pinch something between your thumb and fingers you are using your grip strength to do that.

Exercising with your GripMaster is the most efficient and effective way to maintain the health and conditioning of the hand. It's the ideal way to maintain the suppleness and flexibility of the hand to prevent injury and make daily life more enjoyable.

Click Here For Grip Strength Training Secrets


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