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Farmer's Walk Workout

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The Farmerís Walk is one of the most basic approaches to training you can perform. At its core, all you do is walk Ė but walk with a heavy load. The Farmerís Walk is frequently featured in the Worldís Strongest Man competitions because it really challenges the body.

For the Farmerís Walk you want a pair of weights in any of a variety of forms that are equally balanced. One of the best ways to start is to simply use a pair of heavy dumbbells. Kettlebells, heavy weight plates, short barbells and even big logs can be used as well.

The Farmerís Walk strongly stimulates your metabolism because it is tough. Obviously it also strongly builds the grip and forearms. And there are other muscles such as the back and shoulders that work hard during the Farmerís Walk. In fact virtually all the bodyís muscles are involved in some manner. And one of the top muscle groups to shoulder the load are the traps. Exercises that work the entire body strongly stimulate growth and the Farmerís Walk does that very well.

One popular way to perform the Farmerís Walk is to top off one of your workouts with the walk. In the beginning it is just one walk Ė thatís because you walk until your grip starts to give out. Poundage will play a role in how far you can walk. If you have 50 pound dumbbells in each hand you will be able to walk further than if you have 100 pound dumbbells.

Poundage is one of the three elements of the walk. The other two are distance and time. Strive to boost each area during follow-up workouts. Add another walk on your second workout, and try to go a little further. Work up to at least a couple of walks per workout.

Another option is to devote an entire workout to the Walk. Perform several walks in this workout, allowing sufficient time to recover your breath fully before going again.

With a heavy load, you want to walk at an even pace and keep your body balanced to avoid tilting or putting yourself in a place to get injured. If possible, walk in a place where you can just drop the weight when you are done. And then try to go further on the next walk.

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