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Do Women Like Strong Hands

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The simple answer to this question is yes but we need to clarify exactly why women are more attracted to a male who has strong hands compared to a man who has weak hands. Basically it all has to do with the clues that a woman can pick up in a subconscious way about testosterone.

Despite what a woman may openly admit or not she is engineered in a way to always seek out a man who has the ability to reproduce and this is directly related to how much testosterone you have as a male. Strong hands will immediately tell a female that you have plenty of testosterone running through your veins and that you would be a good mate.

Research was done on this by using the pitch of a manís voice where studies showed that a male with a low pitched voice showed more testosterone in his body than other men. This was then plotted against the general attractiveness seen by women and reflected that, just like strong hands a woman will be attracted to a deep voice in a man.

A separate study was done where they measured the size of a manís hands which showed that most women where physically attracted to a man with large hands compared to small hands. However even small hands that show strength in them was more attractive, that was a study done only with University students who were the women interviewed in the study.

Evolutionary psychologists tell us that the survival of our species, although not an issue now, was what motivated this search for women looking for the best mate to sire strong off-spring. It is something that we all carry in our own genetic make-up even if strong hands can be made by training with weights it will certainly always be considered more attractive to women.

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