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Average Grip Strength

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It is obvious that there is a big difference between the natural grip strength of men and women but there are a few studies that have been done on isolating the specific differences and finding the average. Mean maximal hand-grip strength showed the expected clear difference between men (541 N) and women (329 N).

Manual lifting and carrying of loads are common types of exercise in everyday life at home and at work. Despite the application of high technology at work, there are still physically demanding occupations in fields such as automotive industries, manual material handling jobs, postal, emergency and military services. In the last two decades there has been a large increase in the number of women employed in these traditionally male-dominated occupations.

Although the studies have been very specifically looking at the difference between the average grip strength of men and women they also show the increase in grip strength achieved. Both men and women can dramatically increase their grip strength simply by training.

When testing with a dynamometer it was conclusively shown that sports people both men and women had stronger average grip strength than non-active counter parts. Although this may sound obvious it proves that you can improve your grip strength by training.

We all have a different natural grip strength that we are born with and it is largely genetic. We can tell by the strength natural and average grip strength of our parents and compare it to our own. Although there is a big difference between the sexes there can be a big improvement made with training.

This improvement is concurrent with lifting heavy objects on a regular basis. If you are lifting weights on a regular basis then you will be increasing your natural hand grip strength whether you train specifically to increase your hand grip strength or not.

But that does not mean that you can specifically train to increase your hand grip strength. There are certain specific exercises that you can do which will directly affect the strength of your hand grip. From the good old farmers walk to pinching exercises you can increase your grip by training it.

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